MM32 wooden glasses with removable temples

By Madiara


The MM33 WOODEN GLASSES are made of walnut and maple, with dimensions of 146 X 52 mm and a weight of 33 grams.

The square shape of the glasses is characterized by the presence of oblique lines on the front and on the temples, which are made of wood and stand out for the particular hinge that allows the temple to be removed.

This feature makes the MM33 WOODEN GLASSES comfortable and easy to wear, even for many hours, thanks to the soft, flexible and elastic hinges.

Furthermore, the Anti-Reflection system of the Carl Zeiss © lenses reduces to a minimum any solar reflection coming from wet surfaces or directly from water, guaranteeing vivid and clear color vision in any type of natural environment.

Finally, the MM33 WOODEN GLASSES come with removable temples, making them even more versatile and easy to store.