Welcome to the MADIARA eyewear collection, a combination of timeless style, Italian craftsmanship and environmental sustainability. Each pair of glasses is a statement of elegance and uniqueness, made with artisan care for those who appreciate authenticity.

Main features:

  • Frames made with fine wood, giving lightness and resistance.
  • Polarized sun lenses for clear and comfortable vision in every situation.
  • Interchangeable lenses: customize your glasses by switching from sun lenses to prescription lenses at your trusted optician.
  • Exclusive patterns (NE) inspired by the art and creativity of MADIARA: rose, pink green, natural coeur, gold coeru.
  • Sustainability: Each pair of glasses is made with wood from sustainable sources, demonstrating our commitment to an eco-friendly future.

Technical Sheet Madiara Heritage: Handcrafted Wooden Glasses

Madiara Heritage presents its exceptional collection of eyewear made with passion and dedication for sustainable fashion. Here are some technical details that make our glasses unique:

Sustainable Materials: Most of our finishes and colors use wood from the Poplar family, sourced from fast-growing plantations, ensuring sustainability and low environmental impact. The wood used is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, ensuring that it comes from sustainable sources.

Craftsmanship: The sanding of our frames is material, giving a unique character to each piece. Possible small cracks are desired, contributing to the naturalness of the object.

Non-Toxic Finishes: Our frames are finished with natural oil or water-based paint, both non-toxic and safe for your skin.

Simple Maintenance: You can clean Madiara Heritage frames with cleaning milk. We do not recommend using water for cleaning. Sweat resistance is guaranteed, except in cases of particularly acidic PH.

Vintage Effect: In contact with the skin (nose, ears), the frames may take on darker shades over time, creating a charming vintage leather-like effect.

Lightness and Comfort: With an average weight of approximately 15 grams, Madiara Heritage glasses offer exceptional comfort without compromising style.

Customizable Veneer Layers: Each Madiara Heritage pair of glasses is made up of thirteen layers of veneer, each customizable in a unique colour. The same applies to each of the two auctions.

Discover the fusion of elegance, sustainability and Italian craftsmanship with Madiara Heritage. Enter our world on www.madiara.it .

Express Your Style: Choose from the various models in our collection, including M-Bijou, Radiant Rover, Elegante, Natural Aventure, Charme and Stilelok. Each model is designed to express your personality in a unique way.

Suitable for Everyone: Our collection is designed for those looking for glasses that adapt to every occasion. Whether you're looking for a casual look or a touch of elegance, you'll find the perfect pair in our unisex selection.

Customize Your Glasses: Thanks to the interchangeable lenses, you have the flexibility to customize your glasses according to your needs. Go from a sun-ready look to a clear vision look, always maintaining the style you love.